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Humanities and Sound: International Conference

The 3rd International Conference Around the Humanities, focusing on the theme of Sound, will take place in Krakow on 30-31 May 2020.

Submissions are invited from undergraduate and graduate students, PhD candidates and scholars whose interdisciplinary research is concerned with sound.

Proposed presentation areas include but are not limited to:

  • Sound in poetry
  • Music in culture, literature, and film
  • Sound in a linguistic approach
  • The history of music
  • Hearing and auditory processing from a psychologist’s perspective

Other approaches and themes from the broadly understood areas of humanities and social sciences, inclusive of legal sciences, psychology and medical humanities are welcome also.

Abstracts, between 200 and 500 words long, can be submitted to

The deadline for submissions is 9 February 2020 and the list of accepted papers will be published on 29 February 2020 at the latest.

Submission forms can be downloaded from our website:

The language of the conference is English, although submissions in Polish are welcomed as well. Papers presented in Polish will be translated into English in real time.

The conference fee is 50 $/ 40 Euro and covers organisation costs, conference materials, catering for the day of presenting the paper, coffee, banquet, and administrative and translation costs. It does not include accommodation.

Faculty od Philology JU
The Centre for Interdisciplinary Individual Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences JU
The Student Council of Interdisciplinary Individual Studies in the Humanities JU
Student Society of Interdisciplinary Individual Studies in the Humanities JU

Humanities and Sound

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