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“Body am I, and soul” – thus speaks the child. And why should one not speak like children? But the awakened and knowing say: body am I en­tirely, and nothing else; and soul is only a word for something about the body. The body is a great reason, a plurality with one sense, a war and a peace, a herd and a shepherd. An instrument of your body is also your little reason, my brother, which you call “spirit”- a little instrument and toy of your great reason. “I,” you say, and are proud of the word. But greater is that in which you do not wish to have faith-your body and its great reason: that does not say “I,” but does “I.” (Nietzsche, 1982, p.146)

Nietzsche, F. W. (1982) The Portable Nietzsche. Penguin Books.


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