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As a new platform we want the site to be shaped by views and experience from around the world.

We expect the majority of submissions to be essayistic as the site is primarily designed around the readers experience. But we are also encouraging and exploring other forms that might include film, poetry, audio, presentation, narrative, discussion, and exhibition.

We are looking for content driven by philosophical curiosity and intellectual adventure, drawing on interdisciplinary ideas.

Submission formats for written pieces:

Thoughts – shorter pieces, free and thoughtful (around 1000+ words).

Essays – longer pieces, disciplined and educational (around 3000+ words).

Questions – insightful responses to longstanding questions (around 3000+ words).

For pieces that take an academic approach we want to create an uninterrupted reading experience, so citations will work as tooltips and references will be listed after the article as hyperlinks. Therefore quotes in submissions should include in-text citations and references as follows:

In-text citation: (Hegel, 1977:49)
Full Reference: Hegel, G. W. F. (1977) Phenomenology of Spirit. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Here is an example of article formatting in action.

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Rates are agreed for each specific submission/commission. We refer regularly to the commission rates of comparable publishers listed at freelance rates.