socrates the unexamined life is not worth living e1658139986872 • Socrates On Trial
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Socrates On Trial

Socrates is perhaps the most famous philosophical figure of the last 2,500 years. If you are new to philosophy then you will come to see

AOC e1658140261243 • Distorted Rhetoric and Forgotten Principles: How AOC is Reviving Oratory in the US
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Distorted Rhetoric and Forgotten Principles: How AOC is Reviving Oratory in the US

There are parallels to be made between the shape of democracy in Athens all those years ago and that of US politics today. In the same manner that rhetoric took principal place in determining the outcome of the socio-economic structures of the Athenian city-state, so too have we witnessed the undeniable power that rhetoric continues to possess in the present-day.

The Cave of Despair by J.M.W. Turner e1593471226589 • The New Dark Age
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The New Dark Age

Hope is above all ‘a state of mind … it is a dimension of the soul … It is an orientation of the spirit’

martin luther king speaking at fisk university e1569501971220 • Hegel and Martin Luther King
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Hegel and Martin Luther King

Hegel and Martin Luther King shared a deep understanding of profound change. There can be nothing new without a struggle with the old. And they might be telling us something important about right now

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Philosophy and Kant

Towards the conclusion of Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason he writes something that might come as a surprise.

The Death of Socrates Artist:Jacques Louis David (French, Paris 1748–1825 Brussels) Date:1787 Medium:Oil on canvas. - Liberal Arts Education and Philosophy
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Plato’s Apology

So persuasively did they speak; and yet they have hardly uttered a word of truth. Read one of Plato’s most powerful works.